This is my first time ordering from Myconica and I had a pleasant experience. The order arrived fairly quickly (within a week). I ordered 3 jars of 200mg microdose capsules, each jar containing 30 capsules. I liked the fact that they were glass jars as the product can stays fresher with tight seal. Overall they provided the best value for microdose capsules as I checked across multiple websites in comparison.

Ordered the three pack of Myconica’s Macrodose capsules, as it was one of the best prices I’ve found for a macro capsule.

Shipping and delivery was quick, only a few days between receipt of payment and package received. Package was discreet, and inside with my order was a free gift of a 50mg microdose, which has been a nice addition on top up my regular daily microdose amount.

Ended up taking five of these macrodose capsules last night. Less than an hour from ingestion on an empty stomach before take off. Fractals and rainbow burst in my vision were a pleasant experience, lasting about the first two hours. Body high was fairly moderate. The next two hours had me setup in a sleeping bag fort just chillin on my living room floor listening to music videos.

Overall, a good quality product from a company that seems fairly good from this initial purchase. Will look to order again in the future.

I’ve recently been reading about the benefits of microdosing and of psilocybin after being inspired after watching The Mind Explained on Netflix (there’s a whole episode on psychedelics).

After spending far too much time googling and lurking around this subreddit and others, I finally decided it was time to take action! It’s a new year, after all.

I was excited to begin my microdosing journey, but I was overwhelmed with options! I saw someone post a positive review for Myconica, and checked out their website. I found their prices to be reasonable, and I liked the fact that their capsules include ginger, ingredient list is no-nonsense (just three ingredients, including the capsule shell!), and the prices were quite reasonable.

I still had a bunch of questions, and was pleased with the real-time chat support the site offered. The staff patiently answered all my annoying questions (thank you!), and I finally bit the bullet and placed my order.

I decided to go all in and ordered a few different options, as I was curious and wanted to take advantage of the free shipping over $100.

Shipping to Canada Post did not take very long, and I was very pleasantly surprised to see that they threw in some free capsules on the house! I’ve been blown away by the service.

The jars are discrete and quite sturdy, made of glass and with a child-resistant lid. I’ve started off with the 50 mg capsules, and so far so good! I’ll be upping the dose to 100 mg this week and see where things take me.

All in all, I’ve been blown away by the level of service Myconica has provided. I’d highly recommend them, and am excited to begin my journey!

I loved my experience with Myconica. Fast shipping and great product for microdosing. Most microdoses come in 100mg which I found too much for me so it was great to find 50 and 75mg. I have tried both to help with depression and both were very helpful. I will happily order again!!

I was so happy to find a product that I felt safe using for this purpose, the 50mg ginger microdose has been a valuable tool in my weaning process. My boyfriend uses their larger doses for recreational purposes and I’m really excited to experiment with this medicine in higher amounts once I’m fully through with pharmaceuticals. My work involves plant medicine and I recognize that the glass packaging with black colouring will keep the mushrooms from denaturing in the sun/trapped moisture. Very impressed and I’ll be ordering more once I’m out! THANK YOU to whoever created this and thank you for the accessible price.

Packaging is professional and discreet. Sealed for freshness and doesn’t mention anything ‘questionable’. Looks like something you’d get from a store.

As you can see from the pictures, a free gift of 50mg x 30 capsules was included.

I took one along with some lion’s mane to work on a personal project. Felt a slight but noticeable shift in perception and a zen/meditative feeling along with increase in focus and creativity.

Took a 200mg a few days later. Had a very mild trip that lasted about 1-1.5 hours. A bit too much for work that requires more focus but great for more social/creative stuff.

Ordering was easy and straightforward. The website looks good, ordering was simple, and the order was processed quickly.

I’ve been researching microdosing for a while and decided to order the 50mg ginger capsules from Myconica. I’m pretty new to this space so I was a little hesitant to order shrooms online. However, the order and transaction was super easy and quick. I’m on the east coast and my package came three days after ordering. They also threw in 30 extra 50mg capsules for free. Overall a very smooth and professional experience. I’ve been experimenting with different doses and cannot complain. Would 100% recommend.

Simple and beautiful website with a smooth ordering process. Live chat if you have questions about the products. Came within 7 business days. Packaging professional and slick. I’ve been taking the micro dose tablets and saving the big stems for a spring adventure.
10/10 will order again.

First time purchase from myconica. I ordered two packs of 400mg macrodose capsules. Everything arrived sooner than the expected arrival date! Along with my purchase was a free gift too, wow! The packaging here is the best I have seen from any MoM I have ever ordered from – the matte black finish on glass jars is very sleek.

The product is phenomenal. My girlfriend and I took some before going on a walking trail and we felt very uplifted and full of mental clarity with just enough whimsical magic. They took about 20 minutes or so to kick in, as expected, but wow, they are perfectly potent! These are by far the best mushrooms I have experienced in capsule form thus far.

Overall, myconica is the most professional MoM I have ever dealt with and you can really tell they care about the product and their customers. Plus they have really good deals and sales/discounts for reddit users! Much love and will purchase from again very very soon!


Huge props to Myconica for this order! Ran into a technical glitch during my order, but they were fantastic to deal with via email/website chat, and went above and beyond to retain my business and make sure I felt comfortable. I am super grateful, and would highly recommend them on customer service alone. Shipped on Nov 30th, arrived Dec 5th (a freakin Sunday!!)

I ordered the 90 capsule options of both the Full Stack Nootropic (75mg psilocybin, 200mg Lion’s Mane and 50mg Niacin (B3) per capsule) and their 400mg Macrodose capsules. As you can see, they package that into glass jars of 30 capsules each, which are all beautifully labelled and sealed. Their packaging is definitely on point, and I’m so glad they’re broken up into the 30 cap jars, as that makes it easier to potentially gift them to friends, but more importantly to ensure they stay nice and fresh. They also gifted me a bottle of their 50mg Ginger Microdose, which I am now very interested in buying more of when I get low on them.

The first day microdosing with the Full Stack I took two capsules, since I’d found my sweet spot with other products had been around 150mg psilocybin. The flush was REAL, friends. Holy moly! Definitely felt a bit like a mild sunburn on my face for a couple hours, but it calmed down and was no big deal. Since then, I’m just taking one Full Stack capsule and stack it with another 50-100mg cap that doesn’t have niacin in it, and that’s been much more manageable for me, though I definitely still have 30-60 of flushing with one capsule. *I will note this was my first experience with niacin as a supplement, and I understand this to be an expected reaction. Overall, enjoying this stack so far and I was happy to find a MOM that does the guesswork of putting it together for you if you’re not too keen to try and build the stack yourself.

I have also tried out the Macrodose capsules, but in combination with a small sample of raw mushrooms I had from another MOM, so I bumped my dose up with the capsules to be just over 2g. Really looking forward to taking a trip with these on their own, but will likely wait a couple weeks before doing so.

Would absolutely recommend checking out Myconica 👍🏻

This is my second time ordering with these guys and the process is always super swift and the products are really beautiful. This time I got the microdose starter kit and it came with a free 200mg gift for Christmas! The capsules came in really nice child safe glass containers and the kit comes with 50mg 100mg and 200mg dosages. I’m so excited to start my microdose regime!

Yeah, so all around happy with my experience. 10/10. I saw someone post a review of these last week. They said the ordering experience was great, and I agree. Chat function in their site works and the team is super helpful. I was worried about the severity of the niacin flush for the full stack nootropics pill and they explained to me that the dose is small and the flush is very minimal. Which was reassuring.

The product itself is amazing. These guys are dehydrated sooo nicely and don’t fall to bits like a lot of other stuff. You can really tell the quality is good since a lot of veils are still intact. Packaging is bomb, which is what initially caught my eye enough to order from these guys.

I will be back for sure.

Hello friends, I’ve been lurking in this sub for some time now and I’m excited to finally be able to post a review of my first online order! After looking through the different online stores I decided to go with Myconica. Hopefully this helps someone out!

At first I was drawn in by their deals but what really sold me was the website chat assistant. I’ve only done psychedelics a couple of times in low doses so I had quite a few questions about the recommended doses, the strain differences and the micro dosing pills. The team on the other side of the chat was amazing and so patient answering my questions. I ended up going with the Golden Teacher (2nd and 3rd pics) and some of the 50mg ginger micro dose pills. The golden teacher had a very chill come up and lasted pretty steady for around 4 hours. It was my first time experiencing that level of visuals so no complaints here! Had it in a pb&j (suggestion from the chat person) and I couldn’t even taste it. And I gotta say, I freakin love these micro dose pills. I’ve taken a couple the last few times I’ve hang out with my friends. Wakes me right up and no stomach ache because of the ginger I think.

Almost done! Delivery took 2 days and I paid with etransfer (super fast process) but I saw they added crypto payment so might do that next time. I hope you like my pics and my little garden, this is everything that came in the package and the sealed glass container for the pills was a nice touch. Thanks Myconica! Will definitely be recommending to my friends