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Currently, reviews can be left on our website or Reddit.

Leave a review on Reddit – please be courteous of other vendors and wait to leave a review if there is another Myconica review in the last seven days.


    ✔️ Active Reddit account

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  1. Post an honest review on r/CubensisMOMsCanada subreddit, make sure to follow the subreddit rules requiring photo evidence of your purchase and no links in the title. Please use the Reddit image upload feature (instead of Imgur, etc.)
  2. Message us your order number and review link through the website live chat.
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Leave a review on any purchased product on our website.


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  1. Navigate to any purchased product on our website.
  2. Scroll down to the review section on the page.
  3. Login to your Myconica account, and post your honest review.
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Terms and Conditions

  • We encourage leaving an honest review, however, please reach out to us through myconica.com/contact before leaving a negative review. We will always try our best to resolve any concerns with all orders.
  • Your review must be publicly visible for at least seven days.
  • Review promotions cannot be combined with any other discounts.
  • Review promotions must be used in their entirety on one order.
  • Discounts cannot be applied to shipping charge!